LIC Housing Finance Limited

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Price: 479.70 (3.46) | Open Interest : 10138700 ↑ Adds (148200.00)

Active Options Tips of LIC Housing Finance Limited (30-Jan-2020)

OptionPriceOpen InterestContracts %
LICHSGFIN Call 480.00: CE-480.00 10.45 317K (↓-13K)3K (↑312.1%)113
LICHSGFIN Call 490.00: CE-490.00 6.75 298K (↑144K)2K (↑486.2%)137
LICHSGFIN Call 500.00: CE-500.00 4.10 328K (↑140K)1K (↑216.8%)134
LICHSGFIN Put 460.00: PE-460.00 3.60 298K (↑43K)1K (↑48.7%)-60
LICHSGFIN Call 470.00: CE-470.00 16.00 229K (↓-105.3K)1K (↑61.2%)101
LICHSGFIN Put 470.00: PE-470.00 6.30 225K (↑99K)1K (↑330.7%)-56
LICHSGFIN Put 450.00: PE-450.00 2.10 259K (↓-14.3K)1K (↑133.9%)-61
LICHSGFIN Put 480.00: PE-480.00 10.65 113K (↑83K)0K (↑1566.7%)-50
LICHSGFIN Put 440.00: PE-440.00 1.30 298K (↑73K)0K (↑137.6%)-59
LICHSGFIN Call 510.00: CE-510.00 2.40 104K (↑62K)0K (↑1725%)153
LICHSGFIN Put 430.00: PE-430.00 0.75 168K (↓-18.2K)0K (↑56.6%)-61
LICHSGFIN Call 520.00: CE-520.00 1.50 91K (↑77K)0K (↑3800%)88
LICHSGFIN Call 460.00: CE-460.00 22.85 224K (↓-20.8K)0K (↑3.3%)84
LICHSGFIN Call 430.00: CE-430.00 54.10 91K (↓-36.4K)0K (↑68.7%)53
LICHSGFIN Put 420.00: PE-420.00 0.55 173K (↓-31.2K)0K (↑87.9%)-52
LICHSGFIN Call 450.00: CE-450.00 31.55 155K (↓-26K)0K (↑142.3%)64
LICHSGFIN Call 440.00: CE-440.00 40.65 113K (↓-19.5K)0K (↑70.4%)53
LICHSGFIN Put 400.00: PE-400.00 0.35 91K (↓-11.7K)0K (↑88.9%)-22
LICHSGFIN Put 390.00: PE-390.00 0.25 39K (↓-11.7K)0K (↑175%)150
LICHSGFIN Put 410.00: PE-410.00 0.50 135K (↓-1.3K)0K (↓-8.3%)-33
LICHSGFIN Put 500.00: PE-500.00 22.50 8K (↑0K)0K (↑125%)-32
LICHSGFIN Put 490.00: PE-490.00 15.00 12K (↑5K)0K (↑600%)-36
LICHSGFIN Put 510.00: PE-510.00 29.50 9K (↑9K)0K (↑100%)-72
LICHSGFIN Put 380.00: PE-380.00 0.15 13K (↓-7.8K)0K (↑75%)-25
LICHSGFIN Call 550.00: CE-550.00 0.60 8K (↑5K)0K (↑500%)200
LICHSGFIN Call 530.00: CE-530.00 1.00 7K (↑7K)0K (↑100%)-90
LICHSGFIN Call 420.00: CE-420.00 63.00 74K (↑0K)0K (↓-88.9%)26
LICHSGFIN Call 410.00: CE-410.00 73.50 25K (↓-2.6K)0K (↑0%)22
LICHSGFIN Put 550.00: PE-550.00 65.00 8K (↓-1.3K)0K (↑100%)-50

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Bharti Airtel Limited Options (30-Jan-2020)

OptionPriceOpen InterestContracts %
BHARTIARTL Call 520.00: CE-520.00 8.55 1249K (↑181K)5K (↑21.6%)-9
BHARTIARTL Call 530.00: CE-530.00 5.45 813K (↓-100K)3K (↓-0.2%)-13
BHARTIARTL Call 510.00: CE-510.00 12.75 713K (↓-120.3K)3K (↓-30.9%)-9
BHARTIARTL Put 500.00: PE-500.00 7.40 1290K (↑118K)3K (↓-9.5%)-15
BHARTIARTL Put 510.00: PE-510.00 11.35 583K (↑268K)2K (↑175.2%)-13
BHARTIARTL Call 540.00: CE-540.00 3.35 709K (↓-16.7K)2K (↑15.8%)-15
BHARTIARTL Put 490.00: PE-490.00 4.55 1133K (↑130K)1K (↓-33.4%)-19

Reliance Industries Limited Options (30-Jan-2020)

OptionPriceOpen InterestContracts %
RELIANCE Call 1560.00: CE-1560.00 14.75 1969K (↑150K)9K (↓-19.7%)-11
RELIANCE Call 1540.00: CE-1540.00 22.45 1457K (↑195K)8K (↑62.9%)-8
RELIANCE Call 1600.00: CE-1600.00 6.05 4324K (↑78K)7K (↓-72%)-18
RELIANCE Call 1580.00: CE-1580.00 9.35 2697K (↑120K)7K (↓-56.1%)-15
RELIANCE Put 1500.00: PE-1500.00 9.40 1260K (↓-46.5K)7K (↓-44%)-15
RELIANCE Put 1520.00: PE-1520.00 15.80 921K (↓-41K)5K (↓-42.2%)-11
RELIANCE Put 1540.00: PE-1540.00 25.05 805K (↓-76.5K)4K (↓-69.7%)-7

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Stocks Options Tips

Most Active

OptionOpen Interest %
RELIANCE CE-1560.00 1969K (↑150K)-11
KOTAKBANK PE-1600.00 402K (↓-547K)-49
RELIANCE CE-1540.00 1457K (↑195K)-8
RELIANCE CE-1600.00 4324K (↑78K)-18
RELIANCE CE-1580.00 2697K (↑120K)-15
KOTAKBANK CE-1660.00 470K (↓-326K)-17

Top Gainers

OptionOpen Interest %
PFC PE-95.00 211K (↑186K)800
UBL PE-1220.00 13K (↓-1K)544
AUROPHARMA CE-600.00 1K (↑0K)500
PFC PE-90.00 43K (↑37K)500
NTPC PE-113.00 14K (↑10K)450
CENTURYTEX PE-420.00 8K (↓-1K)350

Volume Leaders

OptionOpen Interest %
IDEA CE-7.00 50078K (↑3136K)100
IDEA CE-6.00 37926K (↓-9114K)114
IDEA CE-5.00 37142K (↑11172K)100
IDEA PE-3.00 33908K (↑4802K)-50
IDEA CE-10.00 32928K (↓-686K)100
IDEA CE-8.00 30772K (↑2548K)100


OptionOpen Interest %
IDEA CE-5.00 37142K (↑11172K)100
IDEA CE-7.00 50078K (↑3136K)100
IDEA CE-8.00 30772K (↑2548K)100
IDEA CE-9.00 24206K (↑2450K)100
BHEL PE-44.00 1227K (↑541K)82
INFRATEL CE-250.00 932K (↑540K)160


OptionOpen Interest %
IDEA CE-7.00 50078K (↑3136K)100
IDEA CE-5.00 37142K (↑11172K)100
IDEA CE-8.00 30772K (↑2548K)100
IDEA CE-9.00 24206K (↑2450K)100
IDFCFIRSTB CE-46.00 3564K (↑84K)11
DISHTV CE-14.00 3208K (↑340K)27

Top Losers

OptionOpen Interest %
ICICIBANK PE-455.00 1K (↑1K)-98
GAIL CE-165.00 341K (↑341K)-98
RAMCOCEM PE-690.00 1K (↑0K)-97
ONGC PE-97.50 49K (↑0K)-95
ASIANPAINT PE-1440.00 0K (↓-1K)-95
LICHSGFIN CE-530.00 7K (↑7K)-90

Options Tips

Index Options Tips

Most Active

OptionOpen Interest %
NIFTY CE-12300.00 2857K (↑470K)-38
NIFTY PE-12200.00 2405K (↑111K)28
NIFTY CE-12400.00 2409K (↑33K)-43
BANKNIFTY CE-32000.00 595K (↑27K)-34
NIFTY CE-12200.00 1855K (↑422K)-31
NIFTY PE-12000.00 3436K (↑44K)22

Top Gainers

OptionOpen Interest %
NIFTY PE-10950.00 0K (↑0K)69
NIFTY CE-13600.00 8K (↑1K)67
BANKNIFTY PE-29200.00 2K (↑0K)61
NIFTY CE-13150.00 1K (↓-0K)59
NIFTY PE-12650.00 1K (↑0K)45
NIFTY CE-13750.00 5K (↓-1K)40

Volume Leaders

OptionOpen Interest %
NIFTY CE-12500.00 3454K (↑289K)-43
NIFTY PE-12000.00 3436K (↑44K)22
NIFTY CE-12300.00 2857K (↑470K)-38
NIFTY PE-11500.00 2696K (↑104K)-7
NIFTY CE-12400.00 2409K (↑33K)-43
NIFTY PE-12200.00 2405K (↑111K)28


OptionOpen Interest %
NIFTY PE-12200.00 2405K (↑111K)28
BANKNIFTY PE-30500.00 313K (↑87K)12
NIFTY PE-11900.00 1502K (↑82K)15
NIFTY PE-12100.00 1215K (↑80K)26
NIFTY PE-12000.00 3436K (↑44K)22
BANKNIFTY PE-30000.00 232K (↑39K)15


OptionOpen Interest %
NIFTY PE-12000.00 3436K (↑44K)22
NIFTY PE-12200.00 2405K (↑111K)28
NIFTY PE-11900.00 1502K (↑82K)15
NIFTY PE-12100.00 1215K (↑80K)26
BANKNIFTY PE-30500.00 313K (↑87K)12
BANKNIFTY PE-30000.00 232K (↑39K)15

Top Losers

OptionOpen Interest %
NIFTY PE-11150.00 0K (↓-1K)-57
BANKNIFTY PE-29600.00 3K (↑0K)-55
NIFTY CE-12450.00 213K (↓-72K)-44
NIFTY CE-12400.00 2409K (↑33K)-43
NIFTY CE-12500.00 3454K (↑289K)-43
NIFTY CE-12350.00 425K (↓-2K)-41

Free Options Tips

ACC Limited(ACC PE-1520) 4.7%
Adani Enterprises Limite(ADANIENT CE-185) 41%
Adani Ports and Specia(ADANIPORTS PE-340) 16.7%
Adani Power Limited(ADANIPOWER PE-64) 16.7%
Amara Raja Batteries L(AMARAJABAT PE-720) 8.7%
Ambuja Cements Limited(AMBUJACEM PE-225) 19%
Apollo Hospitals Ente(APOLLOHOSP PE-1380) 33.3%
Apollo Tyres Limited(APOLLOTYRE PE-150) 50%
Ashok Leyland Limited(ASHOKLEY CE-98) 50%
Asian Paints Limited(ASIANPAINT PE-1700) 216.1%
Aurobindo Pharma Limit(AUROPHARMA CE-600) 500%
Axis Bank Limited(AXISBANK PE-640) 142.9%
Bajaj Auto Limited(BAJAJ-AUTO PE-2900) 25%
Bajaj Finance Limited(BAJFINANCE CE-4700) 53.6%
Bank of Baroda(BANKBARODA CE-118) 50%
Bata India Limited(BATAINDIA PE-1620) 64.3%
Bharat Electronics Limited(BEL PE-88) 100%
Bharat Forge Limited(BHARATFORG PE-440) 60%
Bharti Airtel Limited(BHARTIARTL PE-350) 100%
Bharat Heavy Electricals Limi(BHEL PE-39) 200%
Biocon Limited(BIOCON CE-275) 57%
Bosch Limited(BOSCHLTD CE-16000) 0.2%
Bharat Petroleum Corporation(BPCL CE-470) 29.5%
Britannia Industries L(BRITANNIA PE-3150) 35.4%
Cadila Healthcare Limite(CADILAHC CE-270) 4%
Canara Bank(CANBK PE-185) 42.9%
Castrol India Limited(CASTROLIND PE-128) 180%
Century Textiles & Ind(CENTURYTEX PE-420) 350%
CESC Limited(CESC PE-730) 68.9%
Cipla Limited(CIPLA PE-470) 34.2%
Coal India Limited(COALINDIA CE-250) 50%
Colgate Palmolive (India)(COLPAL PE-1520) 59.2%
Container Corporation of I(CONCOR PE-520) 7.7%
Cummins India Limited(CUMMINSIND CE-610) 60.2%
Dabur India Limited(DABUR PE-475) 6.9%
Dish TV India Limited(DISHTV CE-15) 50%
Divis Laboratories Limi(DIVISLAB PE-1900) 34%
DLF Limited(DLF PE-205) 75%
Dr. Reddys Laboratories (DRREDDY CE-2900) -0.5%
Eicher Motors Limited(EICHERMOT PE-21000) 29.3%
Exide Industries Limited(EXIDEIND PE-193) 61%
The Federal Bank Limite(FEDERALBNK CE-87) 37%
GAIL (India) Limited(GAIL PE-110) 33.3%
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals(GLENMARK PE-310) 37.5%
GMR Infrastructure Limite(GMRINFRA PE-21) 100%
Godrej Consumer Products(GODREJCP PE-720) 106.5%
Grasim Industries Limited(GRASIM CE-700) 4.4%
Havells India Limited(HAVELLS PE-580) 69.4%
HCL Technologies Limited(HCLTECH PE-520) 14.3%
Housing Development Finance(HDFC CE-2400) 13.4%
HDFC Bank Limited(HDFCBANK PE-1240) 29.3%
Hero MotoCorp Limited(HEROMOTOCO PE-2100) 53.9%
Hindalco Industries Limi(HINDALCO PE-205) 19%
Hindustan Petroleum Cor(HINDPETRO PE-200) 300%
Hindustan Unilever Li(HINDUNILVR PE-1800) 137.5%
Indiabulls Housing Fin(IBULHSGFIN PE-170) 33.3%
ICICI Bank Limited(ICICIBANK PE-470) 150%
Idea Cellular Limited(IDEA CE-6) 114.3%
Indraprastha Gas Limited(IGL CE-455) 18%
IndusInd Bank Limited(INDUSINDBK CE-1800) 30%
Bharti Infratel Limited(INFRATEL CE-290) 185.7%
Infosys Limited(INFY CE-890) 66.7%
Indian Oil Corporation Limite(IOC PE-108) 214.3%
ITC Limited(ITC CE-263) 100%
Jindal Steel & Power L(JINDALSTEL CE-195) 104.2%
JSW Steel Limited(JSWSTEEL PE-255) 50%
Jubilant Foodworks Limi(JUBLFOOD PE-1540) 36.8%
Just Dial Limited(JUSTDIAL CE-740) 50%
Kotak Mahindra Bank Li(KOTAKBANK PE-1760) 63%
L&T Finance Holdings Li(L&TFH PE-100) 50%
LIC Housing Finance Lim(LICHSGFIN CE-550) 200%
Larsen & Toubro Limited(LT PE-1200) 21.1%
Lupin Limited(LUPIN PE-770) 13.8%
Mahindra & Mahindra Limit(M&M PE-500) 140%
Mahindra & Mahindra Fi(M&MFIN CE-350) 15.1%
Marico Limited(MARICO PE-320) 340%
Maruti Suzuki India Limit(MARUTI PE-7100) 93.4%
United Spirits Limited(MCDOWELL-N PE-620) 9.8%
MindTree Limited(MINDTREE CE-970) 314.3%
Motherson Sumi Systems(MOTHERSUMI PE-120) 100%
MRF Limited(MRF PE-67000) 39.4%
NCC Limited(NCC PE-59) 22.7%
NIFTY(NIFTY PE-10950) 69.2%
NIIT Technologies Limit(NIITTECH CE-1880) 129.4%
NMDC Limited(NMDC PE-133) 53.3%
NTPC Limited(NTPC PE-113) 450%
Oil India Limited(OIL PE-150) 62.8%
Oil & Natural Gas Corporatio(ONGC CE-138) 25%
Page Industries Limited(PAGEIND PE-26000) -6.3%
Petronet LNG Limited(PETRONET PE-265) 3.9%
Power Finance Corporation Limi(PFC PE-95) 800%
Pidilite Industries L(PIDILITIND PE-1380) 274%
Punjab National Bank(PNB PE-74) 53.8%
Power Grid Corporation (POWERGRID PE-188) 66.7%
Rural Electrification Corp(RECLTD PE-120) 166.7%
Reliance Industries Lim(RELIANCE PE-1680) 46.4%
Steel Authority of India Limi(SAIL PE-41) 100%
State Bank of India(SBIN PE-375) 56.5%
Siemens Limited(SIEMENS PE-1600) 23.2%
SRF Limited(SRF CE-3100) 79.7%
Shriram Transport Fin(SRTRANSFIN PE-1220) 46.3%
Sun Pharmaceuticals Ind(SUNPHARMA PE-390) 183.3%
Sun TV Network Limited(SUNTV PE-400) 33.3%
Tata Chemicals Limited(TATACHEM PE-670) 75%
Tata Global Beverages (TATAGLOBAL CE-440) 37.5%
Tata Motors Limited(TATAMOTORS PE-215) 35.7%
Tata Motors Limited(TATAMTRDVR PE-90) 60.7%
Tata Power Company Limit(TATAPOWER PE-60) 7.7%
Tata Steel Limited(TATASTEEL PE-360) 200%
Tata Consultancy Services Li(TCS PE-2340) 34.3%
Tech Mahindra Limited(TECHM PE-810) 36.6%
Titan Industries Limited(TITAN PE-1040) 112.5%
Torrent Pharmaceutica(TORNTPHARM PE-1940) 32.5%
Torrent Power Limited(TORNTPOWER PE-320) 15.3%
TVS Motor Company Limite(TVSMOTOR PE-420) 150%
United Breweries Limited(UBL PE-1220) 544.4%
UltraTech Cement Limi(ULTRACEMCO CE-4850) 169.1%
UPL Limited(UPL PE-530) 287.5%
Vedanta Limited(VEDL CE-195) 50%
Voltas Limited(VOLTAS PE-630) 100%
Wipro Limited(WIPRO PE-255) 19.5%
Yes Bank Limited(YESBANK CE-95) 100%
Zee Entertainment Enterprise(ZEEL CE-400) 100%